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I just heard the fascinating story of Dr. Carl Werner. Someone challenged him to prove evolution, when he was in college. He thought about it for a long time, trying to devise an experiment that could give evidence as to the truth of the theory of evolution. He finally figured out a way to perform such an experiment, and he and his wife traveled around the world interviewing scientists and visiting archeological dig sites. Somewhere along the way, Dr. Werner changed his mind; he started out believing that evolution was true and ended up believing in creation.

He has written two books on the subject and also has a DVD available.

On the page at New Leaf Press where you can find out about his book, you can also download 3 audio files where he talks about the project in more depth. Click on the “podcasts” buttons (though they’re really not podcasts in the sense that it’s not a regularly recurring episodic type of show, just three recordings you can download).


I found a link to this article from a homeschooling  Twitter feed that I follow. It’s not surprising, because homeschoolers like to teach about logic.

The basic point is about a complex question and how it can be used to steer people off course or throw off an opponent in a debate. The age-old example of a complex question is, “When did you stop beating your wife?” The question implies something, so no matter how you answer, you’re likely to implicate yourself. You have to be careful how you respond.

This article shows some examples of complex questions that can be used to confuse the issue and make it look as if creationists don’t have a good answer or a valid truth to stand on.

This morning I got an email from CMI with a listing of new DVDs they have for sale, one of which seems to go along with this subject. It’s called Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door? and it sells for $13, but they have a set of 19 DVDs on sale (including that title) for $169, which amounts to around $8 per title.

I haven’t seen any of these DVDs (though I have the book, Unwrapping the Pharaohs), but many of the titles look really interesting. This set would be a great investment for a church library or for use in an adult Sunday school class or Bible study.