Christians are afraid to discuss the age of the earth. It’s worse than politics, and worse than the pre- or post-millennium controversy.

Photo of elephant

It’s the elephant in the room. Christians are, apparently, afraid to discuss the age of the earth in mixed company. “Mixed” being any group that might reasonably be assumed that to contain diverse views about the age of the earth.

Why are we so hesitant to discuss this? What are we afraid of?

Whatever we are worried about, the effect is this: our silence speaks volumes. Some of us know what we believe, and maybe even a big blow-up, smack-down argument couldn’t change that. But there are others who are on the fence. When we don’t speak, our silence tells them we really don’t know, or we surely don’t have any evidence to back up what we think we know.

This is such a shame, when we know scientific evidence exists. If we are not hesitant to share our faith with unbelievers, why are we hesitant to tell other believers the truth about the age of the earth when we believe it’s what the Bible says? And worse, how many will never understand this issue if those of us who are leaders in our churches and ministries keep quiet about the matter?