Yes, Virginia, Dinosaurs really were passengers on Noah’s Ark.

Dinosaurs — at least, most of them — were land animals, so they were created on the sixth day of creation. They became extinct sometime after the Flood, when the climate changed and became less hospitable for these huge creatures.

How did Noah get them on the Ark? We think he probably brought young ones along, but we may never know till we can go to heaven and ask God (or maybe we’ll get to meet Noah in person. Wouldn’t that be cool?).

This site is not just about dinosaurs. I chose the dinosaur angle because kids love dinosaurs. Kids need to know the truth about dinosaurs and all of God’s creatures, not to mention the rest of His creation.

But this website isn’t really for kids. It’s for their parents, so they can read and find out how to answer their kids’ questions and tell them about God’s creation.

Feel free to make comments and share this site with your friends.


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