January 2010

I want this blog to answer questions people have about creation and how the Biblical account can be supported by science.

What are your questions? Are there things you wonder about? Post a comment to this post telling me what your questions are, and I’ll try to answer them.

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Scientists digging in Poland found footprints of a supposed early land animal. They were surprised to find the footprints showed the animal was much more developed than they expected.

They expected to find extra strong paired fins of an animal whose parents had been fish. But what they found had fully developed toe digits. Further, the trail of footprints showed the animal had true legs, not super-fish-fins-on-their-way-to-developing-into-legs. And also of note, the footprints may indicate that if this animals ancestors were indeed water-dwellers, they dwelled in saltwater, not the fresh water scientists had hypothesized for the first transitional form of land animal. Even more puzzling is that the time frame is off: the date for these animals is earlier than they expected.

I guess they’ll have to re-think their theory just a bit.

Bumper sticker: Neanderthals are people too"

Neanderthals may have lived in caves, but they were fully human. http://www.flickr.com/photos/niravameen/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Archeologists digging in southern Spain have unearthed evidence  that Neanderthals wore make-up or body paint. They used seashells as containers to store various colors, which they created using complex recipes. There is also evidence that they sculpted other seashells and wore them as jewelry.

The significance of this discovery is that it shows higher level thinking and creativity that many scientists assume was not present in Neanderthals, whom they consider to be a sub-human evolutionary link between humans and apes, or a branch of the supposed evolutionary tree that died out.

But creation scientists believe neanderthals were fully human, a tribe of descendants of Adam and Eve.

Other Neanderthal-related fun facts to know and tell:

  • Neanderthals had brains as large as “modern humans,” and maybe even larger.
  • Some of them may have engaged in medical procedures to save the lives of other Neanderthals. There is evidence of at least one amputation of a Neanderthal man’s lower arm, which healed and did not cause his death.
  • They were skilled hunters and toolmakers, and they cooked their food.
  • Examination of their skulls indicates they could talk.
  • They buried their dead, sometimes holding flowers.

Every December my church puts out a schedule that helps you read through the Bible in a year. There are many such schedules, some of which get you through the Bible in a year and others that proceed at a more leisurely pace.

Answers in Genesis has a link to a resource that lets you go through the Bible in a year using audio files instead of reading it aloud or to yourself. You can use the default plan or change the settings if you want to do it differently. The version they use is NIV and the audio files require a RealOne player; their page has a link if you don’t have that kind of audio file player.

I was thinking about reading through the Bible in a year recently. Someone in my Sunday school class shared an interesting idea about that a few months ago. The idea was to read through the Bible each year using a different translation. I tend to be a one-translation type of gal. I like the NASB and I tend to stick with that. But earlier this year I purchased a Holman Christian Standard Bible and I also have an English Standard Version that I haven’t read much. There are lots of ways to read through the Bible in a year. If you have a favorite method, why don’t you post about it in the comment section below?