I don’t want to make it a practice to review things I haven’t seen, but these books look really good. Answers in Genesis has a series of Pocket Guides and right now, they are on sale (saving you almost $10 if you buy all 5 of them).

The description says that these are meant to be concise and powerful and that they are illustrated. There are 5 topics:

  • The Global Flood
  • Noah’s Ark
  • Social Issues
  • Charles Darwin
  • The Bible

Each has 96 pages and is softcover. I took a peek at the table of contents of the one on the Flood and there are several authors, and many sub-topics, so though there are less than 100 pages, it seems like the book is packed with information.

In our increasingly busy society, this is one way Christians can quickly keep informed on the main points they need to know about these important issues. I’d love to read comments from anyone who has seen or who owns these.