I’d like to keep this a family-friendly blog, but I have to warn you that the link in this post may be upsetting to children and even adults.

It’s two stories about the consequences of teaching and believing that we evolved. The end result of this reasoning is the conclusion that life is meaningless, and people who have been taught this and believe it often have thoughts of hopelessness that lead to suicidal ideas. The link takes you to two stories in one blog post. The first tells a story of someone who made a change in their thinking, and the other is more upsetting because it doesn’t have a happy ending.

We need to teach our children that they were created by a loving God who has a plan for their lives. Further, we need to innoculate them against the questions that will arise when they hear someone teach about evolution. Instead of ignoring the issue, teach them evidence for recent creation so they will have an answer to the specific questions that come up when these two worldviews crash into each other.