Ouch. That would be a painful choice. There are so many good books about creation science. The books I own on the subject cover a couple of feet of bookshelf space, at least. But I want to tell you about the book that first started my interest in the subject.

It was originally called The Answers Book, when I first got it many years ago. The new version is called The New Answers Book and it’s supposed to be the most popular book on the subject. They now have a second volume with answers to even more questions. But the first one is the classic. It answers 27 common questions people have about creation science. Questions like Where did Cain get his wife? What really happened to the dinosaurs? Doesn’t carbon-14 dating prove the earth is old? and Couldn’t God have used evolution? You can read it online if you can’t wait to find out the answers to some of these questions.

I think it’s important that all Christians know these answers so they are prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks.