You might think there are many theories as to how the universe, including our earth and human life, can into existance; there are many, but they can be divided into 3 broad categories:

  • Atheist viewpoint: for lack of a better name, I’ll call it that. This viewpoint holds that the universe came about by natural means without any help or creative input from a Supreme Being. This is the evolutionary viewpoint, but it’s much more than evolution. Evolution really talks about the origin of living things, and doesn’t discuss how the planets and the stars came into being, nor how the landforms on earth developed. Those who believe in evolution generally believe in a long uniformitarian process that requires billions of years. Uniformitarian refers to the theory that the geologic processes on the earth have always stayed the same and proceeded at the same rate as they do now.
  • Old-earth Creationist viewpoint: Some people believe that God created the earth, and even the universe, but that He did it over a period of millions or billions of years. They hold to the same time scale as those who believe the viewpoint listed above, but they believe God was involved in creating. There are several theories as to how they get the first couple of chapters of Genesis to jive with this timescale, including such things as the Day-Age theory, the Gap theory and Progressive Creationism. I’m not going to go into these here. If you want to find out about them, you can look on the Internet. They have their own websites and you can read about their ideas there.
  • Young-earth Creationist viewpoint: This is the viewpoint that I believe in. My posts will seek to explain things from this viewpoint, and I will link to sites and resources that hold to this view. This is the belief that God created things during 6 literal, historical 24-hour days and that what we observe can be explained using this time frame. Those who don’t believe this often also don’t believe that Noah’s flood was a global flood or they underestimate the effect such a flood would have on the surface of the earth.

I’m not here to criticize other viewpoints, just to clarify my own. Many who don’t understand the young-earth creation perspective say things that are untrue about it. I’ve heard “it’s not science,” and “it’s narrow-minded,” or “simplistic” or even “backward.” But real scientists believe these things, and they don’t just blindly believe it because it says so in the Bible. They believe they see observable evidence that this viewpoint is true.

The reason I’m stating all of this is to clarify the different viewpoints as a way to help you understand my viewpoint. I’m not ashamed to believe these things, and I want to tell others about them. I love learning new things that help me see more clearly that God created the world and that the Bible is true from the very first verse. If you would like to discuss these things, please do so in a respectful manner. Talk about evidence and scientific discoveries and theories. Don’t call people names or belittle other people’s viewpoint. It’s okay if you don’t agree with me. It’s not okay for you to call me stupid or uneducated or blind because I believe them.

I moderate the comments, but once you have one comment approved, you can post other comments without having to have each one approved. I’ll leave things like that as long as I don’t have any problems, and I welcome your comments.