It’s always made me puzzled when I see kids from good Christian families grow up and leave the church. As a young parent, it scared me to see this, and I wondered, will this happen when my kids grow up? What can I do to stop it?

Recently, I think I have found the answer to this. Ken Ham has written a book about it, and today I read an article at the ICR website that has a similar conclusion: as a church, we are not teaching our kids to defend their faith against the attacks that will come from our humanistic society.

Here is an example of a question my younger son posed to me at the time of the second Ice Age movie: “Did the Ice Age happen before or after Noah’s Flood?” Fortunately for him, I was, at the time, reading Frozen in Time by Michael Oard, which you can read online, so I knew the answer.

This is the kind of specific knowledge we are not teaching to our children. What do they think when they go to school and are taught that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years before humans evolved? Do they even know that dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible? Do they have any idea how the timeline of history they are being taught in school fits in with the Bible stories they are being taught in Sunday school? If someone asked them, “Where did Cain get his wife?” would they know the answer?

I created this blog to do my part to change this situation. To provide parents and those who teach our kids with answers to specific questions and specific scientific information that does not contradict the Bible and helps us make sense of some of these confusing questions.

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I’m open to suggestions on topics you want to know more about, or where to find more information.